20151201_134613Busy time of year for me and a lot of people, and the cold is here for sure. I am still riding on a regular basis though. The cold is cutting the range of my batteries. Kick scooting through the stores, scootering to stores, and the other day the sun popped out so we jumped on our tandem bicycle and rode around the neighborhood.

When I was buying the tandem bike the lady who was selling it told me that riding tandem was fun because it was more social, that you could talk to each other while riding. I had never really thought about it, but it’s true! We can both be right there riding and talking. Plus, it takes some coordination between parties to ride. Tandem riding is just fun, I don’t know how to describe it other than that.

The picture on this post is hint of a project that I am working on to improve my riding experience. Not much to say at this point, still just an idea that I am seeing if I can get to work. Luckily I have a friend who is very smart and willing to help, so onward we go. I will keep you posted here as it comes along. There are many challenges to riding scooters and bikes in an urban environment that typically aren’t highlighted in the usual discussions, such as road debris, other road and sidewalk users, the strain of real-world riding on the machinery. I am attempting to deal with one of these problems with my prototype. I will post further as the project develops.

I am putting off putting a seat on my Fuzion CityGlide B200 until after the first of the year. Too much going on.